Narrows *BTB* Remake

Back in Halo 3, I usually played social BTB and never really touched the other playlists. I do remember having 4v4/CTF matches on Narrows and it was great. Anyway, I was trying to think of some map to forge and thought of that and it hit me. Make a remake of it on Impact, but better yet, make it much larger/modified to fit BTB. It would probably end up being a big map but with a lot of CQC/Mid range fighting because of the way it would be made. Of course it couldn’t be an exact remake because of the size I am thinking of but it would be the basis.


I played customs on a remake made on Ravine (dunno who actually made it) a couple days ago. I think it would work out for the Forge Test playlist (or even in Slayer/SWAT/CTF) in the future.