Would be nice to have nameplates or something for the legendary players.
All stats from past Halo’s in Legacy menu

I would love to see Nameplates return in Halo 4 but perhaps make them more than just Nameplates, make them show up on my Spartan or something in-game.

A few I would love to see return is the Halo 3, Halo 2, Halo 1 PC, ODST and PLEASE 343! You have access to our Download History on Xbox LIVE and Game History, you can see if we have played Halo 1 on Xbox 360/LIVE, let Halo PC get a nameplate and Halo 1 Xbox players get a different one.

A few new ones, 343i Employees nameplate, self explanatory.
A Reach Nameplate
Halo 4 Beta Nameplate IF there is a public beta
Waypoint Community Member Nameplate
Community Leader Nameplate
Special Nameplate - Halo 4’s Recon like Reach had the All-Star Nameplate before it was given away.

Yep good idea,some changes on the spartans armors.

I just want to see Halo 2 Vista included into waypoint