Nameplates on the forum

Please can we have our Halo Infinite nameplates displayed on the forums? The forums a bit plain right now.


Or our Halo MCC ones.

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Or both, where you can choose with one to display?
On the top of your forumpost where your name is, should then just be your nameplate (MCC or Infinite, wich ever you choose). And then on your waypoint profile it should display both.

No, you can’t because it’s not their one UI, they’re using Discourse so I don’t think this is possible

Come on, man - they have no time to implement a purely optic thing for aesthetics, that brings them no money, into a stinky old forum that is being used on a daily basis by hundreds of fans. I think, we can all agree that 3 4 3 doesn’t care much about this forum.

No, but jokes aside: maybe they’ll implement this nameplate feature, if they put it behind a paywall…
I don’t think, we’ll ever get nameplates on the forum.

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