Firstly I apologize as to if this is the wrong section to post this question but I’m not sure where else to put it.

This has to do with the Halo Reach Beta Nameplate and I’m wondering as to why it may not be possibly unlocked. I can’t remember 100% for sure if I actually played the beta on my gamertag, it was either mine or one of my family member’s.

However, the reason I post this is because I’ve started up Halo Waypoint a few times in the past and have done the sync achievements thing for the Halo titles. Well I decided to to it again a few days ago and when I did I unlocked the avatar award for playing in the Halo Reach Beta.

So I’m wondering, am I supposed to have the Beta Nameplate? Or is there a chance that the avatar award glitched or something?

I also unlocked the Reach Beta shirt in Waypoint even though I never played the Beta. As far as I understand it, it’s some kind of glitch that unlocks that shirt if you have all of Reach’s original achievements, i.e. the ones that weren’t added by DLC.

I find that strange then because I’ve had all of Reach’s original achievements for a while and I did sync them when I got the full 1000 G.

Which leads me to why I’m slightly confused because I honestly can’t recall if I played the beta on my gamertag or my relatives, because it was quite a while ago (even though I do know for a fact I did play it).

It’s not a huge deal or anything and it won’t bother me if I don’t have it, but I was just wondering.

And also, I had a close friend of mine sync his achievement in Waypoint the night I did it and he also has had all the achievements for a while, yet it did not unlock it.