name is not allowed on xbox live

i just wanted to bring this to 343’s attention (if they don’t already know)

when reach first came out i could upload videos to my file share with no problems whatsoever, but a few months later i started getting a message that my name wasn’t allowed on xbox live… and i never had any problems before that

i started checking the forums and saw that i was not the only one with this problem and that everyone was waiting for a patch that could fix the issue… and nothing (i know that the transition from bungie to 343 could have something to do with that)

and now with halo 4 i still have the same problem (and btw my gamertag has nothing offensive on it)

so 343, please fix this issue, since it’s blocking one of the features of the game

got same problem posted it on the forums many times but they dont seem to care… so i gave up the hope that i will ever upload something to my fileshare

hey man i recognise your name!

did you use to play L&K?

Yup, same here, It started doing it for me around halo reach as well. I tried several times to rectify the issue. There isnt even a support line to call and the xbox hotline directs you here. i sat with them on the phone for an hour and a half 2 years ago.