Name and shame team killers on Halo4

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Ok, i’m getting really p1553d off with idiots on Halo4 who team kill and drive off the edge whilst you’re in the back of a warthog.

So if anyone has any names of the people that do this then put there names onto a different forum (where you’re allowed. any suggestions?) and lets name and shame them.

You can not call people out on the forums.

Really? my bad


Caution: It is against forum rules to call out individuals. Just a friendly reminder. My suggestion, report them via xbox, by filing a complaint and let MS deal with the gamers.

It’s against Forum Rules to call out people


You can get in trouble for calling people out on the forums. You should take their names off of your post…

Stop before the almighty ban-hammer swings!

> Stop before the almighty ban-hammer swings!

Or if he’s lucky the Space Mop, the all holy Space Mop of justice and love

But I like driving people off cliffs. I tried doing that to someone in Spartan Ops, failed, got on the back and let him successfully drive off the edge. I find it humorous. Come on, I can’t be the only one, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well he purposely by-passed the word filter so hes probably going to get locked anyway.