Name and Shame on campers just playing for K/D

I am posting this to all the true players that plays the game the real way which is by moving around in Warzone playing the objective and getting kills without sitting in a corner, Head glitching, Double team, shoot an enemy and then run away without finishing the challenge, and spamming grenades.

I would like for yah to start naming and shaming all and every gamer on 5 Multiplayer and Halo the Master Chief Collection on those Players or say Gamers who sits and plays for just their K/D not playing the Objective or moving around. This is very annoying to see real true gamers get killed by overkill campers forcing people to quit early and im not saying I quit I am just say these selfish Campers want to take advantage of the game no matter how they play or how you play they will literately abuse the system no matter how many times they camp they will find a way to try and force you to quit.

So please post all and every Xbox Live Gamertag that you see that sits and camps it doesn’t matter what game mode you play just most of the majority of campers comes from Warzone or say BTB.

All right Guardians Name and Shame these losers. If you dislike this thread obviously that tells you are a camper so I would watch on this topic on what you are saying.

Nope. Calling people out is against the rules.