Name 3 maps you want remade for the next map-pack (hypothetically)

Its been 2 months since the anniversary map pack came out, and Halo 4 doesent come out until November at the earliest. In the mean time, I believe 343 should release the “Anniversary II Map Pack”.

Post below in the comments which 3 maps you would like to see remade from Halo CE, Halo 2, or Halo 3. Blood Gulch isnt an option, due to obvious reasons. If this topic gets enough attention, 343 just might listen to our suggestions.

I’ll go first.

1: Valhalla (Halo 3)

2: Zanzibar (Halo 2)

3: Side-winder (Halo 1)

TLDR; Post 3 maps you want remade for the next map pack (hypothetically).

i’d like

1 Death Island

2 Ice Fields

3 boarding action

( 4 Infinity )

all from halo ce

i would like these to ad to anniversary

  1. Last Resort (Halo 3)

  2. Sandtrap (Halo 3)

  3. Sidewinder (Halo CE)

  1. Epitaph
  2. Backwash
  3. Construct

Just to be different.



Don’t care

  1. Zanzibar (or Last Resort)
  2. Lockout (or Blackout)
  3. Sandtrap

Boarding Action



  1. Derelict
  2. Ratrace
  3. Death Island

death island (with boats BF3 adds new stuff)

I don’t want any more maps remade for Reach because of the low population, and lack of people’s motivation to buy the map packs for a game they don’t like. Headlong is a map I’ve wanted remade for a long time and I’m glad they finally did but I rarely get to play it.

For Halo 4 though, I’d like to see

Terminal, or another Midship remake


Maps i do choose for remakes:




Gephyrophobia, Infinity, Valhalla.

Infinity was SO much fun for racing. Glitching to the top of Gephy. also produced a bit of laughs…




(Oh, and PS Lockout!)

Ice Fields, Terminal and either Turf or Backwash.

  1. Relic
  2. Boarding Action
  3. Waterworks
  1. Zanzibar/Last Resort

  2. Valhalla

  3. Lockout or Guardian

> Terminal
> Waterworks
> Containment
> Gemini

This x >9000

Nothing from Halo 3 and above, they’re already on the 360 and we can still play them. There is no reason to remake any of those maps.

Personally I want Coagulation, the Halo 2 variant. The two floored bases, banshees and the visual style are far better than the Forgeworld -Yoink!- we have right now. Aside from Coag, I wanted Chiron TL-34 from CE, Waterworks from Halo 2 and the Halo 2 DLC map Contamination. Those are four of my all-time favorite maps.