Naked Eli Second impressions


This was just posted to youtube, it has a Q&A and more.


Ah sweet thanks for sharing!

When I read Naked Eli, I expected something else lol.

What Game Pace is H4 closest too?

“Between H3+Reach so not too fast not too slow”


Ranking system

“Completely new based on experience and skill, not like 1-50 or Reach’s Arena system”
"Rankings most likely invisible due to “Black Market Aspect”? LMAO! Nobody is buying drugs or human body parts here bro relax, if people want to spend money for an account, they will do it regardless if its visible or not. 343 is Way over-thinking this whole ranking system thing, its probably going to suck.

Thanks will view later as im at work ATM

And I always love new Halo 4 videos even if its old news .
Not saying this is old just saying