Nah thank you and get lost

Dunno why I type here. 343i doesn’t care, won’t see this either.

I’m not gonna get Halo Infinite. After playing the games and having a tattoo of the Halo logo on my body I can only say that I’m disappointed.

  • No input based matchmaking; I don’t want to play with Controller.
  • Aim assist; Why do those children with controllers need so much help?
  • Objective gamemode only? I want to shoot people, not stand around with a skull in my hands.
  • Optimization? I have MMORPG’s that take less CPU power than Halo Infinite… Where is it going?
  • Progression? “We want it to be like Reach, here, have a system that is nothing like Reach.”
  • False promises and marketing -Yoink!- the levels of Cyberpunk.
  • 1 year extra? What did you put that year into?

343industries… Just shut down already. Halo died with Bungie. You had 3 chances, I had faith you would find your way. But even after 11 years you still can’t seem to grasp what this title should be about.

I’ll pirate the campaign and you won’t get another cent from me ever again.


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A bit harsh dont you think? Lol