Nagato Makes Moving Easy not unlocking

I ran through all the levels on legendary and with all the times combined I’m under 3 hours but the achievement still won’t unlock. I watched the epilogue on legendary. I’ve tried restarting my Xbox and completing different levels on legendary over again and still nothing happens. Any ideas?

Ok so at the risk of advising something stupid you already checked. Since I had the issue too. Go back into the campaign of that game and go to missions. It should say on the bottom towards the right 10/10 meaning all levels are completed. If it doesn’t and says 9/10, 7/10, whatever…something happened on one or more of them. Good news is you can flip through the missions and it’ll show on the bottom which ones you need to complete. Instead of going through all of them. If the levels complete it’ll have the legendary icon in either single or co-op. If you did the run in a party but didn’t watch the end epilogue all the way through it won’t count it and unlock the achievement. (Which is the problem I literally just solved myself last night.) Again I’m sorry if this is something you tried already I know hearing crap you tried already doesn’t help and frustrates people. But I’d double check that. I made 6 or 7 contacts to Xbox and no one there could figure that out. I sent proof from here in chats and they still didn’t help.

I really hope this helps cause I was debating on quitting Halo altogether cause I felt so ripped off and angry. If not lemme know on here if you can and I’ll try to look at other possibilities to try to help. It’s a huge pain when you put all that effort in and get nothing back. So keep me posted and good luck.