Nade Spam in King of the Hill

Just saw the content trailer and noticed no one playing in there was tossing grenades. Am I to assume nades are disabled for the mode or will it become an insane artillery barrage every match?


Maybe they didn’t do it for the demo match to make it look funner?

I’m guessing map grenades will be off causing players to need to use their two frags wisely.

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AKA 4 people bum rush the hill and fire 8 nades in the hole, guns blazing, approaching in for the finisher melee, as always. Blast fishing in a barrel will never not be the zone control strat

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Grenade spam is deeply embedded into halo KOTH


Not only in Halo, this tactic is used in every shooter that feature KOTH and you have some grenades in your hands

King of the Hill is going to become Nade on the Hill

I can see a Custom game type made from this

They didn’t hold back for their demo of “Land Grab”.

I get the impression, albeit based entirely off the “tone” of some very short clips, that King of Hill will be more constrained and Land Grab more chaotic.