This takes backseat to fixing everything Reach ruined but…
Nade launching NEEDS to return we need to be able to throw a frag/plasma off a near by wall and then while it’s exploding throw a plasma over it and then that plasma needs to fly at light speed (exaggeration) at someone across the map. Also this should work with rockets or brute shot. you should be able to launch firebombs to :]
Sorry if this was already posted.

They kinda brought it back in Reach, but it was pathetic. The plasma hardly went anywhere and you were just better off throwing it, not launching it. It would be nice to see this come back, properly.

I’m sure that will be in the game. They’re using a modified version of the Reach engine to build Halo 4, so I’m sure a lot of physics will remain the same or similar.

I’ve always found it weird that a grenade exploding can redirect a rocket, though.