NA servers are too laggy for Asians.


I am a competitive player from Singapore and I have been playing halo multiplayer since Halo 2 and I must say, Halo 5 is one of the worst games to play online on lag.
Let me tell you guys why, the game was perfect when the it first came out because there was region lock and we only matched Australians/Kiwis and other people from Asia so there was no sort of lag but during the January season 343i took out region lock but the game still ran smoothly, I am guessing it’s because we only matched West Coast players in the States so it kind of makes sense since we get lower latency while we match against them (Green bar). But during this March season, connection has gotten worse 100x. The things that has been bothering all of us will be listed below.

  • When we play on NA servers, the sprint is delayed and weapon swapping takes time and so does clambering.
  • Aim, melee & thruster pack is super delayed, Melee is actually kind of okay but when we jump and try to melee it’s super delayed
    and almost does not make sense. For thruster pack, we can’t do it mid battle or when someone is shooting us from the back 80% of the time.
  • GRENADES! The grenades are the worst part about the game, obviously there is lag so our nades come out 2 seconds later but
    I am talking about the damage we take from the nades, the splinter nades are never close to us but still kill us every time. For frag grenades they will just
    be thrown 10000 ft away from us and still take away half of our shields.
  • Pistol shot registration is just horrible! I honestly feel like if they are going to match us on NA servers, please remove the pistol. 343i should
    have tested it in some way or another before turning off the dedicated servers. it’s the most horrible weapon to use on lag, (not exaggerating)
  • Storm rifle and SMGs are inconsistent and storm recharges way too fast sometimes even before we can get a person down half shields.

My only request from 343i is that they either send us back to oceania servers where we only match Aussies/kiwis/other asians or just match us with people living on the west coast. I talk to other people from Asia regarding this matter and all they have to say is this game is worse than halo 3 online. So please helps us, I don’t see the point to play Halo anymore when it’s no longer enjoyable. Thank you.