[NA][PC][18+]GruntLife Gaming(GLG):Adult Gaming Community. Military Vet Owned & Operated, Open To Everyone

GruntLife Gaming (GLG)

GLG has been an active adult gaming community for 2+ years at the time of writing this with 4000+ members who simply just like to group up and game. We’re are military veteran owned & operated but are open to everyone, the only requirement is you be at least 18+ yrs of age or older(most of us are well into our 20’s-30’s). We play a variety of games but of course we love Halo and are excited for Halo Infinite. With that being said if you’re in need of a place to group up with other adults then feel free to hop in with us. The more people we have to play Halo the easier it will be to get people together to group up. I’ll leave our discord info below since we’re not allowed to post links and if you have any questions feel free to message me. Also if you end up joining please select roles to unlock chats or you won’t see anything. Hope to see you around!

GLG Discord info: type in “gruntlifegaming” into the discord search along with discords pre-link info or simply google search us with that and you’ll find us and a link.

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