[NA] Hybrid Theory is Recruiting <November 2015>

Our motto is ‘Where Talent Meets Teamwork.’ We bring a unique combination of competitive play and social interaction to every experience across all platforms. Whether you are looking to compete against other teams, learn some new skills in your favorite game, or just find a group of like-minded players, Hybrid Theory has what you need.

Hybrid Theory is devoted to bringing like-minded players together. We welcome players of all levels and play styles, from the casual player to the hardcore gamer. We’re looking for mature players that are friendly as well as competitive. Our goal is to bring players who want to become better, who can take and give criticism, and most importantly, who enjoy Halo! We want to provide our teams and members the tools to achieve their personal goals that have been set.

═════════════════ What We Are Looking For ═════════════════

Hybrid Theory is looking for players that want more from Halo. We are devoted to making sure each player has an awesome experience within the community. We don’t just accept everyone, we accept those that fit what we stand for, those who want a community and are willing to help make it better, and those who get along and have chemistry with the players. We are NOT trying to achieve a huge member base, we just want like minded players who want to play together and accomplish something through teamwork.

-Tired of playing Solo?

-Tired of losing games because of randoms?

-Tired of having teammates who have no idea how to OBJ?

-Want an active family of players that actually play?

-Join Hybrid Theory - Active, Fun, Helpful, and NOT a bunch of -Yoinks!-.

-Welcome to your new home: Hybrid Theory - Where Talent Meets Teamwork.

If this sounds like a team you are interested in being a part of, here what we need to see from you: Fill out the application below

<Hybrid Theory Halo Application>