[NA/EU] XGN: Large Xbox Community 75000 members

Join us at http://joinxgn.com/ or xgn.gg

XGN (Xiled Gaming Network) is recruiting active players. We are a family based community and have a place for everyone. We are a huge community consisting over 5,000 members. Our website is xgn.gg there you will find our sponsors, what XGN is about, mission statement, etc. To be in an adult squad you need to be 15 years or older, for you younger gamers we have junior squads you have to be 12-14 years old. All we ask is that you have a gamerscore over 1000 and a mic.


Founded by Mr XGN, XGN Damaged VII, XGN Sandman 7, XGN Tiesto 7, XGN Legacy 7, XGN DARK 7 and XGN Anarchy VII on July 7th 2010 the Xiled Gaming Network was born. On that day several years ago leaders set the singular goal that all gamers deserve a safe and professional gaming environment to call home no matter what their skill, race, gender or personal beliefs may be.

About Us:

XGN is a professional, family orientated community which was established on the 7th of July 2010 that provides a calm, caring and supportive environment for gamers and players all around the world. XGN is here to bring in gamers and help them excel and find new opportunities in games as well as improving their gaming experience in an atmosphere based around friends, fun and good times. We as a community are here to expand gamers knowledge of games to help them reach their personal maximum potential in games, Xiled Gaming Network is positioned on many consoles playing many games and are here to provide help for new and old gamers around the overall gaming community. We take pride in our leadership and ranking up system which has helped us grow for nearly seven years, however most of our pride goes to our community of members which has helped XGN become the community it is today.

Xiled Gaming Network has many competitive teams around our community positioned all around the world, as well as divisions on all updated consoles which provides a welcoming, warming family for all gamers to be brought into no matter what race, gender, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or nationality they are. XGN is a community that brings in all gamers who find like minded members to play around with and be themselves around, we as a community bring in members to help them find more gamers into our wide and expanding family where we hope they feel welcome and can express their talents around others who share the same or similar talents. Xiled Gaming Network also supplies life related skills for our members, loyalty, dedication, respect are the main skills that XGN deliver to all our members.

Our Mission:

XGN is constantly striving to enhance the online gaming environment, without regards to skill, race, gender or personal beliefs. Our goal, over the past six years now, has been to become a hub for all types of players. Whether they are competitive or casual, Xiled Gaming Network is a place for gamers to call home, while allowing members to express their individual talents and passions for video games.

When hearing the words “Clan” or “Gaming Community”, most people have the same thought come to mind. Gamers who put random letters in their Call of Duty Clan Tag and call themselves a clan, who are generally rude, loudmouth pre-teens, who can only seem to make jabs towards banging someone’s mom.

When the Founders of the Xiled Gaming Network brought this Community to the beginning of what would be a long and beautiful history, they set out to change the stigma of what a Gaming Community really is. To perfectly describe the Xiled Gaming Network, we are a community of gamers who are united for the common love of the game. We are more than a community, but a family who genuinely cares for each other, and will stick together win or lose.

You might ask, “why would you want to join that community?”. These are the top 10 reasons on why a gamer should join Xiled Gaming Network:

Reason #1, Family. In this day, all you see is the constant disrespect between people. Whether it is personal background, racial, heritage, life choices, where someone is from, all that seems to happen is constant hatred from people. Xiled Gaming Network leaders teach, as well as show their members that no matter who we are or what we have done, we are all family in this Community. We treat each other with respect, help each other in troubling times, work with each other to solve common problems and reach our goals.

Reason #2, Dedication. No matter what has happened in the past of this community, members have stood by the community and its leaders since day one. That my friends, is the definition of dedication. The leaders of this community work hard to instill in its members that taking pride in who you are, and standing by what you believe in, are amazing qualities to have. The Leaders of Xiled Gaming Network are constantly working to improve the community to provide an exceptional gaming experience for its members.

Reason #3, Responsibility. Through our Clan Operations ranks, each rank holds it’s own duties to be done. This teaches members the value of responsibility. As a higher ranking member, one can oversee anywhere from 100, 500, even up to every member of the community. Responsibility for not only yourself as a member, but for others because a decision that you make can affect many other people. That definitely puts things into perspective.

Reason #4, Fun. This article would not be complete if we left out the biggest part of this community. At the end of the day our members really know how to have fun. Whether it is a meeting, gamenight, or a tournament even if you’ve had a crappy day, we know how to pick each other up when we are down.

Reason #5, Opportunities. There are a lot of opportunities within XGN (Xiled Gaming Network). The three main sides to XGN are clan ops (operations), web ops, and the competitive aspect. If an individual wanted to join XGN for, lets say, a competitive team, we have those. XGN currently has an all females team called Xiled Ladies and an GOW (Gears of War) team called Xiled Goons. The possibilities are endless as XGN conforms to all times of wants and needs of the members in our community.

Reason #6, Sponsors. XGN is widely known for having a lot of sponsors. With these sponsors, it shows that XGN has the backing of numerous companies that trust XGN and XGN leadership. Members and non-members can use code “XGN” on products from Gfuel, Konsole Kingz, G2A, GamerCrates, Kontrol Freek, Scuf Gaming, and Jerky Pro. Each of these sponsors will have varying percentages off the order, it all depends on the specific product.

Reason #7, Security. If you’re a member of XGN, then you know of something called a “Blacklist”. What the blacklist is that when an individual, or community, is deemed a severe threat to XGN and denied contact with our members for security reasons as they are too hostile to contact with. With a blacklist, it makes our gamers a safer place to play with others.

Reason #10 Activity. XGN is constantly have tournaments, game nights, and everything in between to continue to keep the active and moving. XGN is a very active clan, we succeed on bringing members new and old together to have a great gaming experience. Every division must have at least two cross squad game nights, or division, to further the activity and make XGN grow throughout.