Mythic Vehicles?

Just reading some of the lore, and came across a famous Banshee called “Obsidian Wing”. Got me thinking about some of the potential mythic REQ vehicles that could be put in. Obviously this Banshee is one, but i was thinking how much i’d love a Grizzly as a mythic scorpion variant.

Any ideas?

Very cool idea, I think the ultra/oni vehicles are OP as it is though. How about the warthog in halo ce you drive in the last mission. Give it the halo ce physics or something.

An elephant with mobile spawning

Grizzly tanks.
Splazer Mantis.
Fuel Rod Wraith.
Locust mech from halo wars.

Yes please.

Prophet Regrets flying beam shooting chair.

> 2807377803439483;5:
> Prophet Regrets flying beam shooting chair.

This guy, I like this guy.
Lazor thrones plz.

lmao halo CE warthog that reaches orbit after hitting a bump in the road

> 2728966917079826;4:
> Grizzly tanks.
> Splazer Mantis.
> Fuel Rod Wraith.
> Locust mech from halo wars.
> Yes please.

I’d definitely love to see some Halo Wars vehicles. Locust, Grizzly, maybe even Hawk if they add in a Hornet first

Ultra banshee is quite op the lower you fly the quicker it fires fuel rods I managed to get off some thing like 4-5 shot in a second

> 2807377803439483;5:
> Prophet Regrets flying beam shooting chair.

If I get zapped by a Spartan riding in Regret’s Chair, I might have to kill myself, but 1st smash my Xbox.

> 2728966917079826;4:
> Grizzly tanks. A+
> Splazer Mantis. A
> Fuel Rod Wraith. (Anti Air Wraith from H3) A
> Locust mech from halo wars. A++
> Yes please.

Yes to all

Also want a Halcon (Hornet and Falcon combined, that means firepower from driver with missiles, 2 manned turrets on the side, and 2 passenger seats)

> 2533274891043869;3:
> An elephant with mobile spawning

Not a bad idea in the slightest! Although I don’t think we have maps large enough (yet) to let the Elephant really roam free with mobile spawning. would makme a fun gametype though, taking out the enemy team’s Elephant spawn to win the game.

> 2807377803439483;5:
> Prophet Regrets flying beam shooting chair.

Someone hire this genius!


As for my own opinions, it’d be pretty funny to have the Oliphant garbage truck from ODST in there as an armoured troop carrier for 6 Spartans.

Other vehicles could be the Revenant from Reach, the Hornet from 3 Gates in Halo 3 or the original “Tank Beats Everything!” also from Halo 3.

all i get in the gun goose like millions of them …

I’m looking at these videos about the new forge canvas alpine and glacier and all of you are right… WHERE ARE THE VEHICLES? 343 hasn’t satisfied us just yet. I want to believe that eventually they’ll bring out their full potential by adding in these vehicles like the sparrow, phantom, spirit,mammoth and the PELICAN!! Seeing them in cutscenes ain’t gonna cut it! These extra vehicles could provide Machinima makers and forgers alike to create some truly amazing things! But idk if you are waiting for forge to release with new vehicles or not adding them at all. We’ve waited long enough 343…if you want the halo community to make and forge things you haven’t even seen before on these maps…at least give us MORE vehicles to get around on these giant maps.

Heres a few ideas i have…

Heretic Banshee
Fires explosive plasma rounds but to keep it balanced it cannot use the fuel rod (sort of how the Banshee worked in Halo 2 multiplayer and since the Heretic Banshee is only ever in Halo 2, it kinda works lol)

Troop Warthog
Scout Warthog you say? Most pointless vehicle ever! Why not make one better, like the Troop Hog from Halo 3. Can carry 3 additional Spartans (so driver and 4 passangers). Also it will have stronger armour as that thing will scream “LAZER ME TO DEATH” if it was full.

I’ve been wanting this vehicle back since Halo 2. It was such an awesome vehicle and it seems like its just faded into history, WHY!? Can work just as it did in Halo 2 (ofc it will work like the Ghost and Banshee with limited boost before needing to recharge). If possible still have the reflective plasma rounds, you know, when you shoot something, regardless of what it is, the rounds still bounce off it, just to keep that classic touch.

Brute Chopper
While cannon wise it would make no sence for anything Brute related to even be in Halo 5 at the moment, the multiplayer is simulated, meaning anything from any point in time can be “spawned in”. So, why not the Brute Chopper? Can pretty much just work how it did in Halo 3, possibly give it abit more armour.

Mini Elephant/Mammoth
Ok, this one will be the most unlikley to happen, but if it did it would be amazing. Now this vehicle is, well, a smaller version of the Elephant/Mammoth. Why smaller versions? Well, for it to work in Warzone it would need to be a decent size (i cannot see the Halo 3 Elephant or even the Mammoth getting around March on Stormbreak). Now heres the catch, its well armoured, more armoured then a tank, has no turrets on it what so ever (to give it some form of balance) BUT, while one is out in the match, when you’re choosing a base to spawn, you can choose this vehicle aswell. Its giving you that advantage of being able to spawn pretty much where ever you want while being at the risk of getting spawned killed. It will also create some interesting tactics in terms of where to park that bad boy. One final thing, there can only ever be ONE for each team out at once (it is grayed out regardless of req level for everyone else till the current one is destroyed).
I have tons of other ideas but i will be here all week at this rate!