Mythic REQ microtransaction has ruined Warzone

Initially it was disgusting to see 343/Microsoft selling a Prophets Bane for actual money and now it seems people are taking the bait, My last Warzone match felt more like Hide and Seek (Infection) more than a Warzone match. I am almost completely done with Halo 5 because of this system that rewards the people that are willing to pay for this garbage. Also if you want to really annoy me put a CE Magnum in there this month or a Phaeton because then ill be done. Yoink this system and please stop defending it with the “Its Optional” argument because your basically saying either I’ve bought this with actual money or I want this in Halo 6 or both. All this benefis is 343/Microsoft back account and its killing this game and the games industry


-Yoink!- is only -Yoinking!- themselves in the end… sure they’re making money on microtransactions now but it won’t last. They’ve pissed off too many people and soon there won’t be anyone left to pay for their stuff. I can’t wait for the day they realize that