Mythic Recruiting

As you can see, my gamer tag is N0VA R3ap3r 269. I am 14 years old and in live Alabama, US. I have a mic, Halo 4, and good internet connection. My friends and I are trying to get a team of a friends to play with us. We are short by a few, and are hoping you can help us.
We have no restraints except for the fact that you need a mic. You do not need a specific emblem, color, clan tag, etc. You do what ever you want. Until it’s time to play… We are very team driven. We communicate a lot, and spend a lot of time thinking of problem solvers and strategies. If you are looking for something simlar to this, then you’ve found it. We are all very friendly and love to have a good time. And if you have some friends to bring with you, even better. It will keep the emotional distance away and allow us all to work better as a team. You wouldn’t connect with the person you just met like you would your best friend. I’ve studied this.
Our individual K/Ds may not be the best, but as a team we win the majority of our games. We all are better together. Please, if you have questions or comments, or want to join, don’t hesitate to post a comment. We welcome everyone.
Thanks for your time

I would like to tryout

Very well. As of right now (12:00 Est. Time), my friends are at the funeral for their late grandmother. I wouldn’t expect a tryout until later on today.
The tryouts are not exaclty “tryouts.” From the previous clans I’ve tried to join, they all try to get me to do stupid stuff, such as 1v8 them. Not the case with us. All we plan to do is bring you into a game with us, and play accordingly. Individual skill, as stated before, is not important. As long as you can follow our rather simple instructions, you’ll do fine.
The biggest “order” that you’ll encounter from us is “Come with me to take Alpha.” Or, “Hey, you’re good with a sniper right? I have one over here. I’m bringing it to you.” Stuff like that.
Also, I occasionally rage. Keep that in mind. Among my friends, I’m the funniest person in the world when I rage. If I say some rather hurtful things, don’t take it offensively. I don’t mean it.
I will be sending you a friend request on Xbox shortly.
PS: Remember to bring friends.