Mythic Knights Clan Recruitment

Message Mk Elder Toad, Mk ElderNarwhal saying you want to join. Once we get your message we then try out you within 48 hours or unless otherwise. In our clan we have a hierarchy and theres alot of rankings out there so join soon! We will also have tournaments soon! The more people join, the more squads (i’ll tell you that once msg me) the more tournaments. We also do BF3, and sooner or later we WILL get to more games. We tryout in Halo Reach only and you must be a major or higher. In BF3 you just have to message Mk Crusad3r for a BF3 tryout/match or to see how good you are. Anyways, we hope we will get a message from you guys. Also spread the word that the Mythic Knights are here!