Mythic Cable - Halo 3 Machinima Short

I did this back before Reach and it was the last thing I did in as far as Machinima is concerned since my console and Intensity pro (both fully functional) decided to not communicate anymore. So I’ve been out of action. I have recently built up a spare console and its working great and just needs to be tested with the card but should be fine.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this piece of work as I hope to continue the work. Its simple and short and there is a small reference to a real life event that happened earlier this year. Maybe some of you will get it. If not, maybe you’ll get a laugh. :slight_smile:


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I remember that! Awesome stuff, I can’t wait till you get to continue it! :]

I’d never seen that before! Do moar!

> Do moar!

Don’t twist my arm or anything :slight_smile: