Mythic Arena

So there are rumors on the youtubes that Mythic Arena playlist might be beta testing for Infinite Multiplayer… If it is, here is my feedback, why take away most of the Halo 5 mobility? Don’t go back on 20 years of evolution and innovation. Some people may complain and want the old style back. Give them that option, sure. Don’t kowtow to those stuck in a Nostalgia trap, though.

Been a fan of Halo since Jobs announced it in 99. Go forward, not backward.

We aren’t really supposed to discuss rumors here… Many would disagree that Halo has evolved or been innovative. Someone will always find a feature in another game to say that Halo copied it. I don’t mind the change, I love classic and modern movement the same and Mythic is kind of like a hybrid.

Halo 4 had a Legendary Playlist that mimicked some aspects of classic Halo, but ultimately was not representative of Halo 5 mechanics.

Halo Reach had the Anniversary playlists which mimicked Halo CE multiplayer, but ultimately did not influence Halo 4 mechanics.

This is not the first time a current Halo game has had a “throwback” playlist that mimics previous games. It’s just a playlist, it’s not some secret testing ground for the next game. Halo 3 is widely regarded as the “best” Halo multiplayer, and yet H5’s “Halo 3 Throwback” playlist isn’t even permanent. There’s no reason to think that Mythic Arena is testing mechanics for Infinite.