Mythic Arena Gameplay in Infinite

Prior to this latest round of Mythic Arena in Halo 5, I had only watched the gameplay changes. Now, I’ve played it for myself, and I think I’ll be disappointed if the gameplay in Infinite isn’t like it is in that Halo 5 playlist.

It feels like a perfect “modernisation” or revamp of Halo 2’s gameplay, with no unnecessary Equipment or Armour/Spartan Abilities that get in the way of a gunfight. Your weapon is always up (save for during assassination animations), and keeping Thrusters and Stabilizers enhances your mobility options without compromising the core experience. The three-hit melee dissuades against just charging in and bashing your opponent, but is still a viable option in combat, and the high base movement speed keeps the game feeling nicely intense. It feels like the ideal compromise between the Classic and Non-Classic gameplay.

I’m interested to see what everybody else thinks of the gameplay, and whether they believe it’ll be the gameplay in Infinite. Even the description for the playlist ‘Old meets new in this hybrid…’ seems to fit the direction of Infinite perfectly.

EDIT: Hidden Xperia has recently upload a video on the same topic, and I hadn’t realised at the time. While going through the comments, I saw one left by Sgt Slaphead, who is the lead level designer for the Forge maps in the Mythic Arena playlist. From the comment, it was said ‘…Mythic has NOTHING to do with 343’s intentions for Infinite.’ This was disheartening to read, but I’ll still have fool’s hope until we see Infinite’s gameplay for ourselves.