Mystery Defiant Achievements

I recently noticed that two new Defiant achievements were added seemingly around when I downloaded the Anniversary maps to Reach. One is called Don’t Touch That! which involves not letting a team touch your flag on 1-flag, and Paper Beats Rock, which is assassinating a person that just exited Armor Lock. They are on, and I didn’t receive the latter achievement when doing it twice. They aren’t on any Wikis, and I can’t find any information about the new Defiant achievements. Can anyone explain them?

They came with anniversary but, for some reason show up as defiant. On a different note, I’ve done both of the infection achievements twice and still not gotten them.

I think the Anniversary multiplayer achievements are slightly broken then. I think I didn’t get the Hell’s Heart one too, and I’ve done that.

I noticed that too, they seem easy enough to get, but I’m more worried with getting the getting a beatdown while jetpacking.

I’m seriously tearing my hair out trying to do it.

For some reason, you need to get them on a map from the pack that it states. aka, if it says anniversary, you need to do it on any anniversary map. defiant, do it on a defiant map pack.

as for the infection ones, heres a tip. they recently updated it so you most likely get matched up with others that have the map packs. grab a group of your buddies so you take up half the lobby. chances are you will have the option of using the anniversary and or defiant pack. did that with 6 friends, so 7 of us had all dlc. all 3 matches we got the option for anniversary and or defiant. all 3 matches, they were chosen.

These achievements are extremely difficult to obtain.

Defiant achievements cannot be earned on Anniversary maps - I’ve made this mistake on the Last Man Standing achievement for infection - you can’t get it in the Anniversary FFA list, only in normal infection and HOPE that everyone has the DLC.

Some achievement descriptions aren’t very accurate - beatdown while jetpacking must be an assassination beatdown from behind without the assassination animation not a frontal beatdown.

These achievements are very poorly designed and are BEGGING to be boosted to get the map combos. The lack of DLC restrictions in playlists and the fact Defiant maps rarely come up in normal MM.

Honestly when will 12 random players get the Defiant maps in Infection - seriously when?

The Noble Map pack achievements could be earned on ANY map in ANY playlist.

I know I’m going to get banned when I have to boost to get these but it’s really unfair.