My youtube channel and free capturing/montage

Hey whats up everybody. I have a youtube channel with 61 subscribers and I’m trying to get it bigger. I upload several videos mainly from Halo but other games also.

Please check it out and if you like my videos don’t forget to subscribe. Also if you have any amazing clips or games you would like me to upload for you I can do that with no problem.

Also I’m trying to get better with editing again so if you would like me to make you a montage just ask.

Here is one of my funny videos its from my twitch stream so the video quality is that great but still good to watch.

Here is my youtube channel

I’d love to see what somebody could do with this clip:

I think with some nice editing it would be fun to see it from different angles and perspectives.

Yeah alright I downloaded it and see if I have some time to capture it today and upload it maybe tomorrow.

hey sorry its not up yet. I posted this in some other forums also and I’ve been getting alot of demand. Please be patient I should have it up in the weekend.