My writeup of why the current challenge system is not good

  1. Challenges are extremely frustrating when you can’t complete them in a single match, especially when it takes multiple matches. Ones that are heavily RNG based like “get one kill with fusion coil” or “15 with the shade turret” which only appears on one map as far as I know.

  2. They encourage an unhealthy playstyle where people disregard whatever the objective happens to be so they can complete their current challenges. People also play in suboptimal ways to complete their challenges, a perfect example of this is when I had active camo up and could sneak up and melee a guy in the back easily, but instead chose to try and kill him with a commando because I needed 15 kills.

  3. It’s extremely annoying having to check back every match to see how far you are on your challenges, or see which new ones popped up. It’s also disheartening to accidentally complete one that wasn’t in active rotation, either the fact that you would have gotten it naturally from normal playing, or forgetting that you were looking at the “upcoming” challenges and trying to complete one of those.

  4. Challenges the way they are currently implemented will burn players out in the short term and they WILL leave the game. Especially people that haven’t played Halo for almost 2 decades and are just casually checking it out. Isn’t one of the main psychological selling points of a battlepass to essentially dangle keys in front of players and say “hey you could get this if you give us 10 bucks”? Well now those keys are wet noodles because progression is frustrating AND at a snails pace.

  5. The game NEEDS performance based per match experience ASAP, barring an analysis of some more in depth XP system, I think giving a player a percentage of their score at the end of every match would fix the progression system right up. 20 or 25% sounds reasonable with a cap of say 600 xp.