My wishlist for Halo 5

Starting weapon that kills as fast as the Halo 2 BR (or the Halo 4 4sk BR). The BR would be prefered because of how classic it is, but something else might work. The DMR would be fine as well, but the BR is simply more Halo like than the DMR.

Starting weapon that isn’t random. If it is the BR, then tone down the spread. That thing is impossible to 4sk past close range (or 5sk before). It doesn’t have to have zero spread, but Halo 2 level spread would work. The BR is meant to be a long range weapon only outclassed by the sniper so it should be able to kill at range. That is how it was designed in H2. If the weapon is the DMR, then it needs to not have bloom. We remember Halo Reach right?

Remove sprint OR have the choice to play matchmaking with or without it. I hate sprint. It is one of the the reasons I don’t play much Halo any more. Sprint makes the game not nearly as fun. In Halo 2, you could hold power positions down and map control mattered. With sprint, people are able to get in your face so fast that it is hard to control anything. It also allows people to get away from a bad situation, meaning that they get rewarded for being over aggressive.

Go back to weapons on map. Random ordinance is terrible IMO. Weapons on map is one of the things that separates Halo from other games. Learning the weapon spawns and having to move around the map to get them was an integral part of the game. We didn’t need sprint to force movement because if you stayed in one spot, the other team just got the rockets and OS.

No personal ordinance. I don’t think I need to explain how frustrating it is to get the choice between a needler, a concussion rifle, and a speed boost, when someone else gets 2 Binary Rifles and a damage boost in the same game. They don’t get the weapons because they played well, they got them because they were lucky. Halo isn’t snakes and ladders. So many games have been decided because someone got a great weapon in their ordinance and got so far ahead that they got more weapons allowing them to get more ahead. Also, it encourages people to camp in the base since the weapons come to them rather than having weapons on the map that you have to get.

Powerups on the map and bring back camo. Powerups forced movement in Halo 1-3 because when you got them, you had to do something with them or they would run out. This further punished people who camped and forced movement on the map. Why they were removed in Reach I don’t understand.

Remove AAs or make multiple playlists without them. I have never liked jetpacks, armor lock, camo, hardlight shield, ect… Jetpack ruins map design because you can go anywhere you want on the map. In Halo 1-3, you learned cool jumps and you could hold down high areas and get a height advantage. Now people spawn and fly into the sky to get a height advantage on you. Hardlight/armor lock just slow down the game for a certain ammount of time and give you a get out of jail free card if you are bad. Promethean vision allows you to see through walls, which ruins any need for awareness. Camo promotes camping because you have to not be moving fast in order to use it. Every one of them has done nothing but make the game more like another franchise that we all know and hate.

Make grenades more important, but not OP. I miss being able to carry 4 nades. I agree that 4 was too much, but 2 is too few. 3 is a good number IMO. Also, they should make the nades more powerful, but have a slightly longer fuse time to make up for it (like Halo 1 except maybe not that powerful). This way it is possible to dodge nades better and still have them be useful. Just not like reach’s nades which were both powerful and exploded super fast, which made them OP.

Give us custom options. Listen, I understand that some people don’t care about a lot of options, but a lot of us do. We need at least as many options as Halo 3, but I want to see more. I want options to change the damage on individual weapons. Let me make a needler that kills in one bullet and a rocket launcher that takes 30 shots if I want. This would not only allow customs more freedom, but would make it much easier for 343i to adjust balance on the fly. If they had this in H4, then the carbine could have been buffed as soon as they found it to be weaker without having to release a patch. We want options. I also want to adjust things like aim assist level, FOV, and strafe acceleration. Also, we should be able to move values on a slider rather than pre-set values. I want to be able to move 117% speed or have 85% gravity.

Make the CE pistol. I understand that the thing is really powerful, so put it in for customs like the golf club. I know a lot of people didn’t like the weapon, but a lot of people did. I just want to be able to use this weapon in customs. Not like the reach classic playlist either. That one had bloom. I want a pistol that has a 12 bullet clip. Kills in 3 shots. Doesn’t have bloom. Has a scope. And has the ROF of the H1 pistol. Just me use it in customs.

Classic movement. I don’t know why jumping is so gimped in new Halos and why the player moves so slow. You have to set player speed to like 120 to get the same movement speed and jumps are less interesting because you don’t jump high like in Halo 3. I want to see awesome jump montages like we saw in the past and the current movement is so crippled compared to what it used to be. MC is a super soldier so super human jumping makes sense. One of the books stated that Spartans could run faster than Usain bolt. So why does it take an hour to move across the map if I am not sprinting?

Classic style maps. Notice I didn’t say classic maps. I don’t want just remakes. I want maps that are arena style. I want maps like midship and warlock. Maps like derelict. I want interesting vertical maps like construct and Prisoner. Maps that don’t need to be realistic because the Halo universe is alien.

More focus on 4v4 and 2v2. When H4 was released the only maps usable for 4v4 were maps that would be consider large by previous game standards. Haven and abandon were the only reasonable sized maps. Solace is huge, but usable. Adrift is rather large. Complex was used in the playlist, but Complex is a squad battle map making games on it move snail pace. Then a map pack came out that had all btb maps, meaning 9/13 of the first maps being btb sized, and 0/13 being 2v2 sized. 2v2 was only playable on Haven and abandon and even then the games are super slow because the map is big, meaning when they did release doubles they needed forge maps.

Put in Descope. Flinch is a poor substitute. Descope is so much better. There was nothing wrong with it.

Forge that has clean textures and higher level of color. Also, remove item caps and make it only budget caps. If I want to make a map entirely out of stunt ramps, I should be allowed.