My weekend with Halo 4

Played Halo 4 pretty much all weekend and loved virtually every minute of it. Played a bit of Regicide, SWAT and discovered Oddball and Dominion!! Had a bit of lag playing Spartan Ops co-op and got betrayed playing Slayer because I beat them to the Warthog turret but that was the only issues I experienced. Racking up kills, points, challenges, even won my 20th War Games match (doesn’t sound like much, but it is for me lol)

It was great playing these modes and playing online with other people. I’d like to learn how to play as team better and learn other modes but I’m loving Halo 4…and now Spartan Ops Ep6 is out!! Can’t wait to get playing that :slight_smile:

A lot of people have complained about how Halo 4 is noob friendly. Well as a noob (yes I freely admit it) I have no issues with that. I’ve probably spent more time on Halo 4 than any other Halo since Halo:CE. Maybe it’s because of the game or maybe because I’m playing online more (I’ve had a better experience with Halo 4 than any of the others) but Halo 4 has got me enjoying playing Halo again to an extent that I might go back to the older games as well.

343i have done a good job in my view :slight_smile:

Good to see someone on this site actually enjoying what this game has to offer!

yeah really i don’t get why everyone is complaining about it so much. I love Halo 4 just as much as all the rest of the Halo games.