My Weekend Review and Thoughts

Playing through the test weekend was a very pleasant experience overall, challenges were easy to accomplish, and the guns, grenades and equipment felt fantastic. The audio was absolutely stunning, every gun felt real and powerful. Every kill that the voice overs verbalized felt like I truly earned the kill. The menu system was intuitive and felt easy to learn. The leveling system was probably my least favorite part, the challenges were too limited for what I would assume to be a weekly refresh. I would want a plethora of challenges with almost limitless experience to gain every week, rather than limiting how much experience I get per week. I also feel that making the post game points worth experience will be a huge plus for f2p players. Battle pass system is ok, I really like how the MCC did theirs, with a point system that you spend on specific cosmetics you want to work towards. Adding cosmetic weapon attachments could be fun, like a long barrel BR and a cool scope, but they dont change how the weapon works in game. I love the potential the armor customization bring to the game, it feels like in the future the Spartans will truly be personalized to whoever is playing. Definitely make it so you can equip pieces in the scrolling menu instead of having to select the piece to equip it. Grenades are strong, but they always have been in all the halos, but I felt that spamming grenades just yielded more kills than shooting. Overall I am more than excited to play this for hundreds if not thousands of hours with all my buddies.

My biggest issue is all the weapons besides the BR need some tuning. The Magnum needs something done to it if thats going to be our starting weapon…more rounds or something its crap compared to H5’s pistol.