Hi 343, I was playing a match of Warzone and we were close to winning so I decided to use a Prophets Bane which I got from a Warzone Daily Win Pack, as soon as I selected Prophets Bane and replaced it with one of my weapons I exited the req station and checked to see if I had it, but I didn’t and then the game server just crashed. I was really angry and upset so I wondered if you were able to give one to me somehow. My gamer tag is SIRIS089. If you need to know when the server crashed it was at around 9:15pm, 6th of January, Australian time, so I want to know if you can do that for me, I would be really grateful if you could get it for me but if you can’t do it then I understand why. Thanks SIRIS089

nice try but you could have got a gameclip to prove it so nobody is giving you a free prophets bane :wink:

Thanks for that crazycobra1230, I will try to find the game clip but I don’t think I’ll have any luck finding it, but if I do , do you know how to put it on here