My wants for Halo 4

I want more advanced skill on the marines. I was playing Reach on Legendary earlier and when i got to the ODST part on exodus i went through 3 squads of ODSTS. Secondly i want a longer Campaign. I buy games for there campaign, Because thats what keeps me playing the game. Thirdly Multiplayer i would be more than fine with Halo 3’s ranking system. Also i would like to see the return of the armory i liked having to work for my armor like in Halo 3 getting achievments, campaign, etc. One of the most important things to me in multiplayer are Maps. I want maps that are great for btb. As for forge i dont really care about forge lol. One more thing do not change anything about Master Chief hes fine the way he is.

You kind of just listed very basic things…Improve AI, better maps/campaign, etc.

Need to get a little more specific lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahem! What about the Battle Rifle?

Sure the BR can come back also!!!

I had a MASSIVE thread on this.

I hated the ranking system used in Halo 3. Winning and losing is not an important factor in determining ones skill, at least in team based games.