My vision for halo 5 forge mode

After watching the video for the new forge mode in MCC, I can’t help but look towards the future of forge mode. Don’t get me wrong, the newest iteration is hella sweet, but we can always hope for more. A few feature that I find would be beneficial actually came a long time ago in a game known as farcry 2. It’s land editor was unprecedented on a console and was very robust for its time. I believe we could build on this in halo 5. The assets and pieces currently are great, just mainly wanting some more terrain editing options. Here’s an attached link to the terrain editor. Only other inclusion would be an option to hollow out areas of the terrain for caves and such.

I wonder if 343i have the programming know-how to do that, or they might have done it already. Maybe they just didn’t have the time to put in terrain editing and had land be in blocks and pieces. Let’s hope for a terrain editor in Halo 5 in addition to all the other assets in H2A.

There isn’t a gameplay-driven reason to include that feature, as any functional piece of the landscape can be created with objects that are already in the sandbox

I think Forge is fine as it is. No need for a full on terrain editor. I get that terrain editors are the epitome of map creators, but Forge just feels right for Halo.

The only things that I would want out of a new Forge mode, would be to create realistic caverns, dynamic lighting to affect water(If you watch the Halo 2 Anniversary Forge video, the dynamic lighting appears to have absolutely zero effect on water. It could be a completely enclosed space and all the terrain would be pitch black, but the water would be really bright.), and the ability to invalidate water. What I mean by invalidate, is for the flowing water of a map to actually be affected by something you place in it. Say you build a square box with a hollow middle and place it in the water. It has a closed bottom and the top is not below the water. Currently the water would just flow right through the object as if it wasn’t there. What I want, is for the water NOT to flow through solid objects. If you put a brick in the water, have the water react and flow around it like it actually is taking up space. If there is an enclosed space in the water, the water will not flow into it unless it is below the water. And since Halo 5 is rumored to be using raytracing, the most advanced form of lighting, I wholeheartedly expect that.

I made a list, but can’t find the thread where I posted it. It showed a lot of what I wanted. :]

Halo: MCC forge just got me more excited for Halo 5 forge to be honest