343 i really love halo 4 and i have no personal gripes with halo 4’s multiplayer but i have suggestions that could be added to halo 4’s multiplayer or implemented into a different form in future halo titles

Firefight- everyone loves firefight and eventhough we have spartan ops we all miss firefight it was awesome. you guys are awesome and i know you can make it better than before.

Dmr - i know fans complained about the bloom in reach. i personally have no problem with it. maybe you guys could increase it a little where you can shoot off 3 shots before the bloom is huge or maybe just reduce the rate of fire to the Br’s speed so itll feel like it is best at long range. either way i know you guys will handle

ordinance and weapon spawning- ordinance is awesome, but it seems like 5 kills is too easy. increasing it to 10 might or maybe eight might make it feel like it was earned through effort and a hard fought battle. i understand the reason for the random spawning but most people do not like it. maybe you guys could bring back the old spawining back and restrict certain power weapons to ordinance depending on the map. it really does not matter to me.

I thank you awesome developers for listening. Just remember no matter what you decide to do make sure its something the fans will like