my verdict

when i first bought an xbox in early 2002 it came with halo.
the moment i started playing the campaign it sucked me right in.
the music, the graphics, the storytelling, it took everything to a whole new level and it gave a kind of satisfaction i never felt with a game before.

now, almost ten years later, everything still holds up. i inserted the disc and started playing.
the atmosphere is still as i remembered it, but with a fealing of nostalgia mixed in.
the gameplay still feels the same, and in the last ten years no game seems to have significantly surpassed it. and between all the known storytelling, fixed battles and crasy shoot outs there is still something refreshing.

where ten years ago i would go exploring the map for weapons, fun spots and grenade jumps im still looking in every nook and cranny of the maps.
this time not for weapons and places to jump on, i know all of those already. but for terminals and skulls.

besides the fact the skulls liven up the gameplay and the terminals give a nice new perspective on the story this did something else for me.
i got lost again in a need for exploration.

all in all i can honestly say this remake was a succes. never mind the graphics, who cares about the graphics.
they were able to demonstrate how good the original was and stay true to its heritage. all while still being able to add just the right amount of freshness.

My sentiments exactly.

I agree. The Anniversary gameplay blows Reach away. It is so much better it’s not even close.

Thanks, 343i!