My validly honest critique on Halo: Infinite Multiplayer

343i, I thank you for figuring out the bulk of the core mechinics of the game. I feel like you don’t get enough thanks and praise for that and while it was hard for me, I do thank you for paying great attention to detail when it comes to how the gameplay mechanics work. However, there are other glaring issues at hand when it comes to the current state of Halo: Infinite Multiplayer that do need some addressing before this game takes off like a comet. You guys made a commitment and it is your duty; your obligation to do right by all fans old and new. There are several things that need to be worked on in this game before it is absolutely perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great time playing this game when I have the chance and I see others are doing the same; at the same time, there are things that could be tweaked here or there before this game becomes the perfect gaming experience for everyone.

Now, I’m not mad at you guys by any means. I am just disappointed at the way things are being handled at the current moment. You guys can do better, I know you can and we as a community believe in you and have your backs throughout all of this. We don’t want to see this game fail and that’s where the majority of the fanbase’s frustrations are coming from. We just don’t want you guys to follow the same pattern that you guys have with the launch of Halo 5. I know it feels like I’m reexplaining the points I have made in the first paragraph; and to a certain extent, I am.

We feel it is in your best interest to take these criticisms in strides and not as personal attacks. For starters, while you have the core gameplay mechanics down, there are still some glaring issues in-game. One of these issues that needs to be addressed is the fact if we get kicked off of our vehicles, our guns lock-up and it feels like we can’t shoot to defend ourselves. I’ve run across this issue a multitude of times in big team and it is pretty frustrating, to say the least. I feel people who get their vehicles hijacked are at a huge disadvantage, especially when they can’t shoot back immediately. It kills streaks for those who were initially doing well, but then get frozen like a deer in headlights when they get kicked out of their vehicles by their enemies.

Furthermore, I have run into certain issues in this game, like it freezing up from time to time when players get killed. I just experienced this earlier today and I had to restart the game. I always feel horribly when I have to abandon a match and my team when certain bugs like this happen. I may not be the best team player, but I do try my hardest and abandoning a match when things like this happen just seems taboo to me. To an extent, people feel like players are just abandoning matches because they’re doing horribly but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sometimes the game hard freezes or wigs out and players have no other recourse but to hard-quit the game and try again.

Another thing that needs work is the netcode. Often times, the netcode could be the reason why things like hard freezes or rubber-banding happens and I’ve experienced both. Sometimes, players have a hard time connecting to dedicated servers. The netcode could use a bit of sprucing up in order to save those from suffering the consequences, especially if players are in ranked matches. I have read some horror stories on here that would make you take double-takes when it comes to netcode and ranked matches and this seriously needs to be brought to your attention. Despite my objections with the monetization options of this game, I have made peace with the fact that you guys aren’t going to get rid of it especially since this is a f2p game and as long as you use what you’ve earned to fix this game and have it running in perfect order. I feel like the money could be used to fix the netcode issues that this game faces, as well as other issues that may arise.

Another thing to point out, if it hasn’t been pointed out already is how theater works in this game. Out of all the glaring issues this game faces, this is by far the greatest one. There are a lot of glitches that occur when in theater mode and it breaks the immersion for a few content creators. That’s pretty much all I have to say about this point. On to my next one.

Squad mechanics are less than optimal. I feel like if you gave players the option to switch out of and pick their own squads in big team, it would make this game better for everyone. Especially with those whom want to play with their friends. Providing this fix could even breathe much needed life into this game. Also, having players switch out and chose their squads could improve team playing mechanics, making it easier to help their friends out in a fray. I feel like this fix is absolutely necessary and important to unit cohesive tactics.

The playlist issue could be worked on in a later date. It would be nice to choose what game modes to play, but it isn’t necessarily priority. But one thing that can be worked on is progression. Now we aren’t asking for much, just to be able to level up the season pass with XP. It doesn’t have to be a large amount, but it shouldn’t be limited. We all of those cold sweats at night about Halo Reach’s progression system and how we were limited on earning a certain amount of points each day to progress. I feel like you guys at 343i struck lightning in a bottle when you figured out the progression system for Halo: MCC and I feel like it could translate well if it was implemented on Halo: Infinite. And I know they say lighting doesn’t strike the same place twice, but that’s just not true. I’ve seen it myself in actual nature.

I know this is quite the essay that I have prepared and don’t take this as hate or an attack. I as a Halo fan want to see this game improve just like everybody else. We all have your backs. We believe in you and we believe you have the ability to implement these changes. Just please don’t forget your roots. This is something worth improving, for fans old and new. Hell if buying things from you guys is a way to help this game improve, I’ll try my best. I just want this game to be the best it can be, for all of us.