My two cents - Halo 4 and the UNSC military

Hey there, 343. I finished your game and I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised that you survived filling Bungie’s shoes. In fact, I think you guys did some things better than them. I hope you spot this, because while you did pretty good, I still feel there’s criticism to be made.

Now, what’s my beef? You guys should go back and re-evaluate how you handled the UNSC Marines and Navy. In my opinion, The presentation of both services needed work. It was like you guys knew what you were going after but weren’t quite sure how to pull it off. For instance…

*The Marines felt like a SPARTAN fanclub - Yes, we get it, SPARTANS are awesome. They are comicbook superheroes. The problem is that the marines gush so much about the chief’s prowess that there’s a quip every other assault rifle magazine about how cool you are. It’s ridiculous, these guys are professionals about to go into combat they’re unable to pay attention to anything but me like they’re 12.

*Officers seemed inauthoritative. Sure, they passed orders, but they didn’t feel decisive or insightful, while subordinates responded with sloppy unconcern, a careless lack of discipline, or nonchalance. While transforming everyone into obsessive compulsive isn’t a good idea, it didn’t seem like anyone but the Chief had any substance or drive. On the flip side, the lead scientist in level 7 seemed more industrious, responsive, hell, maybe more disciplined than the marines, officers, or the SPARTAN IVs, and she’s a two bit character. She was much more hands-on than the cast of actual officers, barring Lasky and chief.

In all, the UNSC military had a poor fit in this game. There was very little sense of power, discipline, or authority; I had a very difficult time taking them seriously. And while Halo in Bungie’s time wasn’t meant to be realistic, they usually provided good authority figures. Just look at Captain Keyes, Jorge-052, Carter-A259, or Sergeant Johnson.

Not as bad as Reach at least.

God the voice acting was so dull as well.

Mayday… The Covenant are kill us… lol