My two cents after two days

First of all, I’m having quite a bit of fun playing Halo 4. However, I feel that Halo has always been a game of options and with Halo 4, I feel that the custom game options were a bit lacking, especially considering all the changes compared to previous games. With the induction of sprint as a default ability and the auto-grab feature and not being able to drop the objective in oddball (I’m aware you can throw the ball, I mean drop the ball. You know, like drop the ball, shoot, and pick it up again) and flag gametypes, I feel like it’s necessary to also bring about the custom game options to change those settings. Even being able to make it so you get knocked out of scope when shot would be nice. Having the option to change said settings would be nothing but an improvement for the game. People aren’t always going to want to go into a custom game and play with sprint or deal with the objective gametype characteristics how they are currently set, especially long time Halo fans such as myself.

My suggestion is to just give players the option to change the new features as to experience a more classic-style Halo. Something like this for custom game options:

Sprint: On/Off
Auto-Grab: On/Off
Drop Objective: On/Off
Zoom Characteristics: Retract when shot/Static Zoom

Also, single-weapon damage modifiers would be amazing. :slight_smile:

Like I said before, giving players the simple option to change the default Halo 4 settings for custom games wouldn’t hurt the current gameplay or playlists at all. Thanks for taking the time to read this. :slight_smile: