My tweaks to make Halo 4 perfect for me

This is literally just my opinion, and it’s only tweaks to the games current state. I don’t think any of these are extremely drastic, though you may disagree.

  1. Set weapon spawns. This isn’t to say that ordinances should go, I enjoy them. But map weapons should spawn in specific spots, and be on timers as in previous games. Ordinances should give weapons that aren’t currently on the map, increasing weapon variety

  2. Active camo shouldn’t be an armor ability. Even with Promethean Vision and the blue indicators, it creates a more campy game. Put it in ordinance drops with speed boost, damage boost, etc.

  3. Map variety. I understand it’s a new game, but because maps were tailored to specific game types it reduces the number of available maps in certain playlists. I want to see Ragnorok in Infinity Slayer! Maybe employ the CoD tactic of sectioning off large maps for smaller team games? (Hate on me for bringing up CoD, this made all maps usable in all game types.)

4)XP cap. Just get rid of it. If people max rank in two weeks, who cares? It doesn’t make them better.

5)Grenade nerf, just a tad.

  1. Team Doubles, Multi-Team, Team Objective, Big Team Objective, SWAT, Snipers- I’m sure they are all coming, I’m just excited for them

7)Matchmaking will start a 2nd game even if the entire other team leaves, or start a 4v1. Or you can’t leave if it’s the 2nd game already at the map vote page.

I know you won’t all agree with every point, you may even disagree with all my points. That’s fine, as you are entitled to that opinion. All I ask is that if you do disagree, please explain why. I enjoy seeing the other side of arguments, and may even change my mind.

Thanks for reading, and see you on the Battlefield!

Shameful Bump for my wall of text.

  1. i like the way loadout work right now, but i would love to see a second slayer gametype with forced loadouts. like an MLG or ranked type thing.

  2. i havent had any problems with active camo yet, but anything that helps kill camping is cool with me.

  3. more maps=good thing. even forge maps are fine IMO.

  4. no opinion on XP cap. i like to play spartan dressup sometimes lol but i dont play enough to reach the cap so i cant unlock everything in the fisrt week anyways.

  5. no way the nades are fine. you cant just throw them around and pick up more now, and they are not super powerful anyways.

  6. more gametypes=good thing.

  7. not sure what you mean here.

my one big change that i would make is have vehicles only on big team gametypes. 4v4 gets crappy when one team ends up with all the vehicles and the other team is stuck hiding from an army or ghosts. at least big team its easier to have two or three guys take out a vehicle without fear that a second will show up and own the whole team.

What I meant by weapon spawns example. On Solace, Snipe spawns on the two plats. Once picked up or dropped and disappear, timer counts down and they respawn on the same spot. I feel that it’s more of a balancing issue, as weapon spawns aren’t symmetrical. I could be wrong though, just my opinion.

The nade thing may be more that I seem to die by expertly placed grenades, and rarely get kills with ones that I feel would have killed me

And finally, in matchmaking, let’s say all 8 players stay in the lobby after the game. Game immediately goes into a 2nd match with all 8 players. Usually, players will leave, leaving the teams unbalanced or making one team have no one on it. It’s more annoying than gamebreaking. But that’s why I said perfect for me, as some of my opinions may not be a problem (they may even be something someone else likes.)