My top 5 things that I LOVED about halo 5

I made a video talking about what I think Halo 5 got right! Give it a watch and let me know you agree, disagree or if you think I let something off the list!

Just a waring people dont really like it when people self promote. You should probably add a bullet point list that covers what the video says. Its a good video though.

  • I do agree the abilities are well tuned thought the charge should be removed, its annoyed and overall pointless. - Warzone is an ok mode, it can be great though it needs some tweaking, bosses should be randomized and AI should be spawned consistently through out the match. - Story was weak but gameplay was fun (wardens were repetitive though) - Agree with weapon balance, probably one of the best in any game. - Forge is a little buggy but what you can do in it is great.