My Thoughts

The graphics look awesome, the simple hud, the old style assault rifle, the halo 5 style tactical magnum look cool. They brought back brute weapons (kind of), the spiker grenade, the halo 4 mauler, the spiker, which is cool. The grappling hook definitely makes sense give the gameplay that was shown, it’s going to probably allow for multiple paths to complete objectives. The extra UNSC weapons that Chief picks up look like a mix between COD and Destiny, not sure how I feel about them yet. Have to use them to really see. The ability to pick up objects like that fusion coil and toss it at enemies is a nice touch. The equipment pickup is back from Halo 3, not sure how that will play into multiplayer, like when you could pick up a bubble shield/regenerator/power drainer/radar jammer, etc. The one shield they showed looks like you can shoot through it while you’re protected. I have some thoughts on that Brute at the end when Chief was watching. I think that was a pre-recorded message, I think that Brute is talking to Spartan Locke after they “win” the war, right before he either takes him prisoner or kills him. I think that’s how 343 will get rid of him. That’s why it switched to in person view as he got closer to the screen. Could be wrong, but yeah. Thoughts?

Thoughts? Not sure I could be much more disappointed, and now, less interested in the game.

Graphically, I wasn’t impressed, but the stream wasn’t 4k. But even then, the art style looks the least Halo I’ve ever seen. More like Mass Effect Andromeda and Destiny. Gameplay was Destiny and Doom. The Brute was bland, and nothing like the caliber of Atriox.