My thoughts on Warzone

For the past two days, I’ve had the privilege to experience Halo 5’s Warzone MANY times during E3 2015! The game mode plays just like any BTB match in Halo… except when 8 people are in Banshees and Mantises! The map flows very well with the inclusion of Warthogs, Ghosts and many other vehicles. You first start out in your base getting attacked by Promethean forces but your team can eliminate them with ease. I’ve died multiple times by Promethean Soldiers so beware. Your next goal is to capture the Armory to establish power weapon control. Make sure your team pushes as a whole to get the Armory fast in order to capture the Garage faster than the opposing team!
Once everyone enters the Garage, it’s a giant cluster. Grenades are strewn everywhere whilst players spam their rifles with glee! Needlers are very beneficial in this area so be sure to resupply from the Armory beforehand. It is crucial to stay alive during this fight in order to unlock the Banshee at level 5. Whilst your team controls 2/3 positions, the Banshee pilot can massacre the opposing team as you’re capturing their Armory. Needless to say that I went on a 40 killstreak. Every player can pilot their own vehicles simultaneously! By the end of the game, one team has been turned into bloody ribbons! Aside from that, here are the changes that should be implemented.

Warzone Changes and Additions:

  • Battle Rifle primary/ AR secondary. This is a must. - Power weapon and normal weapons on map by default. - Vehicles spawn everytime players have taken a base. - Increase weapon/vehicle requisition points every time a player achieves one by 2x. Increase base point count by 4 for every heavy vehicle/weapon. - Normal weapons should be unlocked by default. - Add teleporters and gravity lifts along the exterior of the map to increase player engagements. Add power weapons in these spots!. This problem occurred in Reach’s BTB on Boneyard, Spire and Breakpoint. :’( - Enemy bosses should carry random power weapons as well. Hunters should drop their fuel rod cannon! 343 please - Place fusion coils and movable crates in certain spots to diversify the map. - The excavating machines should blow and cause a giant explosion! Killtacular! - Add turrets around power positions and in both bases to defend the core. - Fix some hitbox issues around walls. - Make Warzone forgeable PLEASE!!! Poor Ducain23General Fixes and Additions:

  • Reduce range and damage on all normal weapons by about 10%. Increasing the TTK will require more skill and will reward intelligent players. - Add Horizontal/Vertical sensitivity slider. Aim Assist toggle as well. - Add colorblind options. This is a must. - Buff damage on Plasma Caster but make it different from the Plasma Launcher from Reach. - Keep vehicle/power weapon base values the same but incentive players to work for them as a team.