My thoughts on the XP caps, a message to 343

I realize that it does say by the 30th that we will receive them by email, but is there anyway to start handing those out now to people that are stuck at SR70, or close to it? I understand LE getting bonus stuff, but never have i seen something like that been given. It pretty much punishes people that put a lot of time in the game, and If we wanna play, we pretty much just have lose all the xp gained through everything that we do during that time. Some of that stuff you can never get XP from again either, such as doing Commendations.

I just don’t understand why you would even think to do something like this and people not be upset. You can say “quit complaining”, or whatever you want, but It isn’t fun getting all the XP that you could of gotten from Commendations, and it just be wasted… only to just hinder progression in the future. No other Shooter out there that i know of has a system like this, or a daily xp cap. I would of thought of that one to however many people that work everyday, and have that one day off to play and catch up in rank, but still stopped by the XP cap.

I see no good in this. All it does is punish those who want to play more and rank up, and those who don’t have a lot of time to play. It limits stuff such as boosting, but I think the bad outweighs the good here. Besides punishing other people, do as other companies do and take the action against those people in your own hands if you wish.

I completely respect 343 tho, and i think you did an amazing job on the game itself. Other than the occasional lag, i think the game is really smooth and very balanced. It is my personal favorite Halo yet, and i’m sure there is much more exciting news to come. I hope there is no offense taken in what i wrote, just a few concerns i have for this amazing game, and its community.