My thoughts on the REQ system

After playing warzone for a bit, and paying 40 dollars (It was what was left over from when I pre ordered halo 5) All I have to say is that the REQ system was… not that well done.

You get so many of the same item, and you can’t trade items with friends. Also the fact that many of the weapons and vehicles should have just been left out in areas like in the previous games. A extremely skilled player could get a scorpion tank in 15 minutes, while a new player might get lucky to unlock gungoose before the match ends.

Personally, they should have done the TF2 approach, where you can trade your items, and weapons above uncommon could get stats like “%20 more damage on vehicles, %15 less damage enemy players” it makes the weapons more side grades than upgrades.

Than again, I may have been spoiled by TF2, so who knows, maybe this game does have the REQ system, and I just don’t appreciate it.

I created a article explaining the best way to go about the Req system. May you find it enlightening.

Lazy link to waypoint thread on how to win against the Req system