My thoughts on the game and the community

(Prepare for quite a bit of aggression below.) It just startles me to see so many people acting like they own the place.

I’m sick to death of the scores of pathetic people I’ve seen whining over and over about how they’re disappointed that their LE wasn’t exclusive enough for them and that they feel cheated by 343i, or about how some aspect of the game isn’t exactly how they wanted it and for that they’re angry.

Is it really that pathetic that people feel upset because they aren’t the only ones to be able to rank up past 70 within the first few weeks of the game’s release? Get some respect you wimps. Flame all you want but the way I see it, the main point of value within the LE was the fact that you recieved the War Games pass which in itself is worth ~$30.

I am all for criticism of the game and calling out aspects of it that you think are unbalanced, unrefined etc. but to act the way so many of you forum posters are acting is simply immature and something I’d expect from the run-of-the-mill Call of Duty fanboy. The Halo 4 community is just that; a community. Start acting like one instead of pulling a tantrum when you find out that non LE-ers are gaining access to specializations as well as you. Such a subject shouldn’t even be ‘controversial’, infact, I feel like more of a loser just for having to clarify it.

Speaking of criticism though, I’d like to state some of my minor gripes with the game: (And no, I’m not contradicting myself because I’m not acting like 343i have to do something about it by law.)

  • The DMR does seem somewhat more powerful than other precision weapons, primarily because it’s much easier to get your 5 shots in before say a BR gets its own (full) 5 bursts in.
  • The Ghost physics are terrible as compared to previous games. The ghost will easily get you killed if you just nudge something with the ‘wing’ causing you to do a 180 degree turn and lose all momentum.
  • The lag issues in this game are much worse than I experienced in Reach. Playing SWAT is often very difficult because of the latency. I do live in Australia so this is likely the main factor but I know Reach handled it much better than Halo 4 has. I suggest local matchmaking searching.
  • Bouncy spartan physics! It’s been in all the Halos, and I for one dislike it. You jump, hit something and then feel helpless to your spartan’s movement until you land. This effect is also apparent when turning sharp corners while sprinting.
  • Completed challenges and commendations not showing in post-game completion screens. It’s very minor but a small annoyance when upon completion of a game in the xp-gained screen, it says you’ve earned 2966 xp all up but your bar increases by a few thousand more due to commendations and challenges.
  • Quite a few forge irregularities such as gravity volumes not working as intended.
  • General missing features in the game that could have been left in. The kind of features that you just wonder why did 343i take this out? I understand that 343i wanted to streamline the game and I understand that things like theater for campaign and SO was a hardware limitation but some things remnant from Reach simply should have been left in (in my non-game designer point of view).
  • The option of removing certain custom game options. The custom game ‘culture’ is a very major part of the fun in the Halo experience for me, especially months after launch once people’s creative minds have been allowed to have at the Halo sandbox. The deletion of a substantial amount of custom game options is just another why did 343i take this out? problem for me.

These are all of the gripes that I can think of right now and I’d like to hear some proper (in-game related) responses of other people’s gripes below (that’s if anyone actually reads this post, lol)

Some people think that just because they paid X dollars for the game they have the right to be angry and annoyed for whatever reason because they feel cheated somewhat. Well let me tell you now: You don’t have exclusive rights to anything just because you paid for the game. General law states that you have the right to free speech but don’t pull that because there comes a point where you’re just being ridiculous.

I very rarely post on the forums, I mainly browse but lately it’s just gotten to the point where there are too many people calling out like small children over menial things…

To sum things up, I’m happy with the game and I’m also very happy that 343i has stated that they wish to create updates unlike those of Bungie’s, in the way that they will actually add new features to the game. I’m not so happy with the forum community though. Come on guys, give 343i a break. I know they haven’t done everything right but they sure have done a great job for their first game (last year’s Halo remake doesn’t count).