My Thoughts on the Future of Map Creation

I believe that 343i should treat Forge as a full user-generated map editor.

In the indie game ‘Minecraft’, you would start off in an open-world environment which encompassed you in a sense of wonder and awe at your default surroundings. You could then go on to mold them as you please, yet you were always kept in a certain area of the world. Every time you viewed an unexplored landscape in the game, it would have to generate more land instantly to further expand the world of Minecraft.

Surely there can be a way for the game to generate an in-game world space for a permanent amount of time around a player during the creation phase of the map. Sure, Minecraft may not be a graphically challenging with the creative process of a Halo Game, but it at least allows a fluid and accurate representation of a user’s imagination.

Here is what I propose:

Start off in a small, blank, singular coloured (white, green, black, blue) world space and have the player control the environment’s landscape along with an array of textures to super-impose on a segment of the landscape and any items they can spawn at their disposal.

As the player expands their horizons towards the given boundaries of the world, the map expands; allowing more room to create.

Allow users to apply a full-360 backdrop to their levels from a variety of selections.

If the player chooses not to be creative, allow a map generator to do the work for them, much akin to the simple map generator’s used in past Real-Time Strategy Games such as ‘C&C: Red Alert 2’.

Another alternative is to allow players to expand a map in-game by travelling outside the given boundaries.
The party leader may allow or disallow players to leave the current given boundaries of an area of a map.
When there are no boundaries, it leaves players an infinite space for players to explore, de-spawning the environment they leave behind them from a large, but given distance, sometimes removing contact between players but leaving them able to reconnect to one another once they come back into range of another player’s location. This deals with technical difficulties for keeping multiple players on a singular generative landscape.

If a player goes out to explore and you want to set the lock for boundaries to be in place again?
Let them lock the area in-game, shutting out players outside the given zone.

These are just a few suggestions and they may be beyond reach for 343i and maybe the Xbox 360 or any future developed systems by Microsoft, but I’d like to know what feedback you could give me and tell me what suggestions you’d like to add to it.

I may not be the smartest, but it’s always good to get the ball rolling for ideas.

Great idea. Sounds a bit like Far Cry 2’s map editor in terms of options. Also, I love Minecraft :3

sounds great nice!

That sounds very well-thought-out, and with the limits you described it could be feasible (aside from random terrain generation, of course).

However, there is one key point: terrain modification. Now, granted I’ve never seen many map editors, but I’ve never seen any console map editors handle this in a user-friendly way. I’ve used the Far Cry 2 editor, and while it does it decently, the editor as a whole is clunky and cumbersome to use.

One of the nice things about Forge is that it’s got the best balance between usability and power I’ve seen. These features would be nice and many of them sound very intuitive – particularly the environment-expanding, by simply flying away or towards the map’s centerpoint. But how could terrain modification be handled while keeping the UI simple and intuitive?

A powerful editor is nice, but usability is important as well. If too many things get implemented… Well, look at what happened to StarCraft II

good points there

What about Forge Halo for a new Forge World?

i would prefer a new version of halo custom edition.