My thoughts on Season 3, the Bandit, and the state of the shop

It’s cool that the story has actually gotten a little bit interesting and all. But the Bandit really is the star of Season 3. I feel like it nestles itself neatly into a weapon archetype that has been sorely missing in Halo for a long time. A precision starting weapon that gets less effective at longer ranges.

Halo’s 1-3 always had something keeping the main utility weapon from being a laser beam across the map. Sometimes it was spread, other times it was projectile speed, oftentimes it was both. Even Reach tried (but failed) to use Bloom as it’s limitation mechanic. But Halo’s 4 and 5 had nothing of the sort. The DMR in H4 and Magnum in H5 cross mapped like it was nobody’s business. The Bandit doesn’t, and requires more additional focus and skill to be precise with at longer ranges. And unlike the BR, it’s optimal TTK and lack of descope means it can compete with closer range options, despite still being at a mild disadvantage the closer you get. If you ask me that makes it a perfect spawning weapon for both Ranked and BTB and I’d like to see it implemented as such asap.

As for how I feel about the rest of season 3? The maps are pretty mid. I mean they are better than a lot of the maps we already have, and it’s nice that the layouts shake up the three lane structure but they aren’t going in the pantheon of Halo’s greatest maps of all time. And on the cosmetics side only bringing in the Mark V/VI core, and ODST core, actually progressing cross-core, or playable Elites/Brutes would really catch my interest. Cosmetics are just cosmetics.

A monetization revamp would go even further though. Having a front page with some bundles is fine, but we really need additional pages for individual armor pieces, and colors ranging from $2-5 tops. Heck even if the bundles are for new season (current) cosmetics, and then when a season ends the cosmetics find a permanent home in a growing catalogue of individually purchased pieces. You can even do the same thing for past seasons’ event pass and weekly challenge rewards. Don’t timegate cosmetics. Only timegate free and “discounted” cosmetics. Keep the content permanently available when a season ends. Making season passes permanent purchases was a great evolution of the season pass formula, do the same thing with the shop.

I was initially just planning to write about how much potential the Bandit has to make Infinite a better Halo game. And then I went off on a huge monetization tangent and renamed the thread. Anyway, I hope others can agree with my thoughts on these topics. And I really do hope feedback like this is taken seriously at 343i. If anyone has anything to add, or disagrees I’d love to hear about it.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights. I hope you continue to do so.

I really agree with all your thoughts on this post.
What you wrote is on point, from my point of view.
Personally I love the new gamemode «Unlimited» that gamemode is a banger to me.
I always get good clips with variety on the gunplay.
What I really want to return and hope to see get implemented ASAP is:

• Firefight
• Infection
• Halo CE weapon variants
• Spartan Ops based on this live service thing they are trying to do
• Crosscore
• Pre and postgame lobbies
• Porgression system outside of the battlepass
• Battle Royale gamemode

So far, they really have improved Halo Infinite. Now it definitively feels better to play. But it still has some good, long steps to go before it becomes a masterpiece like what MCC is to this day.

For Infinite to become a masterpiece, they actually need campaign DLC because that was a cliffhanger.
I know they said they tried to create the mystery of Halo CE, and they suceeded in that with the semi open world concept of Zeta Halo.
But with how far the Halo franchise has come with it’s story, all that has come needs to get clarification and not question marks.
The past is not longer a mystery, Halo is not something new anymore.
Halo CE copy and paste won’t work on Infinite.
That’s why they really need to put out a DLC.

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New shop Synthetic Runtime 1800 ??? Ill wait for it to go on sale down the road. That is way to much.

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TC wont be able to here as the forums are closing here :slight_smile:

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For BTB, I completely agree with you on Bandit starts.

For ranked, players much better than myself have come to the conclusion that they like the bandit a lot, but not in its current state. One noteworthy criticism of bandit starts in ranked imo is that a team that loses positioning/weapons is far less able to reclaim it with Bandits as opposed to BRs.