My thoughts on re-balancing Infinite's weapons

I did a little thinking and felt that part of what ruins the online Halo: Infinite experience for me is the weapon sandbox. It doesn’t feel…right, as best as I can put it. So, I offer my ideas for your consideration:

UNSC Weapons

  • Add the Halo 5 SMG and DMR (visually overhauled, of course). This will round out the UNSC weapon arsenal and help differentiate each weapon’s role.

    • The SMG has a faster time to kill than the AR (about 0.9 second) but a shorter effective range.

    • The DMR has a longer effective range than the BR but a longer time to kill (about 1.7 seconds compared to the BR’s 1.5 seconds).

  • Add Reach’s Grenade Launcher and 4’s Sticky Launcher.

    • They were both balanced power weapons that added extra utility to the game.

    • The Grenade Launcher’s stun ability will be necessary for one of the Covenant weapon changes I propose.

  • Buff the Commando’s damage output but limit the spare magazine quantity. Make more of a power weapon like the SAW, but in a balanced way. Otherwise, it’s a compromised weapon that isn’t as useful as the AR in time to kill and not as accurate as the BR for longer ranged targets.

  • Buff the Hydra’s damage to Halo 5 levels but remove the target tracking ability against Spartans. This means it will take 2 shots to kill players but won’t target players via alt-fire. However, it will still be useful against vehicles since it tracks and now does more damage.

  • Buff the Bulldog’s rate of fire and add an extra shot to the magazine. If the weapon isn’t going to do the same damage of its pump-action predecessor, it should at least have a faster fire rate to change the weapon dynamic.

Covenant Weapons

  • Remove the Shock weapons.

    • They work great for the campaign but are broken in a multiplayer setting.

    • The Disruptor is useless as a basic weapon but broken in its ability to just randomly stun vehicles. It’s also egregiously annoying to die to it via persistent shock damage when you are out of a firefight, especially if you won it.

    • The Shock grenades are super weak against foes but too easily stun vehicle without a second thought. Since they don’t stun-lock enemies like in the campaign but do take down vehicles easier than a Plasma Pistol would, they don’t fit in the meta.

    • The Shock Rifle takes a moment to hit a target after firing, making it feel disconnected from what’s happening. Since its main gimmick is stunning groups of enemies, which doesn’t work in multiplayer and rarely do players bunch up together to make the shock arcing effect work, its inclusion needlessly complicates the meta with other precision weapons.

  • Buff the projectile speed of the Pulse Carbine and Plasma Pistol.

    • They are too damn slow to hit anything more than 5 meters away.
  • Give back the Plasma Pistol EMP effect against vehicles.

    • After having said ability for years, it makes no sense to change it in the Halo meant to last a decade.
  • Rework the Ravager.

    • Not going to lie, no clue how to fix this mess of a weapon without just buffing the damage output to the levels it had before. That may be enough, or it may be OP, hard to say.
  • Consider Re-adding classic Covenant weapons like:

    • Fuel Rod Cannon

    • Needle Rifle (a precision weapon distinct enough from the BR in its usage, doing less shield damage but allowing players to super-combine via 3 shots to an unshielded target)

    • Concussion Rifle/Brute Shot

    • Plasma Caster/Plasma Launcher (may not be necessary with the Hydra fix but hey, it’s always an option)

    • Incendiary Grenades (to replace the Shock grenades for area-of-effect usage)

I don’t have really any complaints for Forerunner weapons.

I think Halo: Infinite needs more fixes than just to weapon sandbox, but I think this is a start.