My thoughts on MCC among other issues.

I took it upon myself to write up a brief message that I sent to a few people, but I just thought it better to post it openly so that there is no confusion as to my belifes. Below is my message.

"First of all I am actually one of those people who have been around since 2001 for H1 so I am definitely a Halo geek.
MCC is broke has been since day 1 I do not refute this.

343 fudged up and delivered a piss poor product I do not disagree with this. It is their fault whether or not they were forced to make the game released finished or not, I also do not refute this. 343i is who we’ve got and for all extensive purposes we are stuck with them for the long haul, I just do not see -Yoink!- doing away with them. So yes let’s be upset with them and complain, and hope they take notice of our disapproval.

Let’s also not pre-order their games to show that we expect more of them if they want our money. The game does not work 100% for me, but it does work about 80% for me. I see comments comparing the purchase of a car to the purchase of a game and I find the two exclusive to each other, one you pay money for something that is a hobby and has nothing harmful that can result from it except maybe high blood pressure and anxiety and a loss of money, on the other hand a bad car can be lethal let alone a bad purchase so I don’t find comparisons like those relevant. On the other hand I do agree that companies are responsible for their products and should produce what they claim and if there are faults take responsibility for them. Okay enough with 343 now the gameplay etc stuff.

After a few updates the game MP wise has been much more functional (at least for me) so when you see me say anything related to the game working that is my own personal experience and I fully understand that many others are not so lucky. Sprint is a no issue with me, I don’t care if it is there or not, I like both ways of playing. If you see me talking in threads about sprint it is usually me playing devils advocate or just making blunt statements depending on the op. That is why I bother talking in those threads.

Halo 4 MP is meh, but I loved the H5 beta it made me feel like I was back in the H3 days even with the stuff like clamber etc.
AA’s whatever so long as ordinance, and perks, and all that H4 crap is gone I am happy. I actually found a fondness for clamber, thruster, and ground pound, not sure whether I liked charge or not. I like BTB, SWAT, Snipers, Slayer, Rumble Pit, ranked playlists and social ones so you may see me make comments on all of them if it is pertinent.

I love Halo Lore so I may drop comments in those sections for the Halo Universe. Berserk on XBL is one of my friends, but he is just stubborn and has a different perspective than most people on here. He isn’t an idiot he just doesn’t care what others think of him and just wishes the forums weren’t so hostile even amidst the tragedy of MCC’s blunder. He will argue a point to a fault so try not to hold that against him.

Um what else I have a “List” of people on here who I think need to chill, but I do respect their opinions. I don’t need to name people because I think we all have “lists.”
Oh I am on the side of the fence that is more Halo is the campaign and the MP is just a bonus, but that is because that is how I grew up with it, first two games of Campaign and lore then the introduction of XBL which added the bonus, which is still beast and I wouldn’t be satisfied completely without it, but I could survive, even though I have over 3000 hours among all accounts for the Halo Series on MP alone since 2001. Don’t believe me just look at my service record for ODST, Reach, H3, H4 (meh alot less time as it did not hold my interest as much but the campaign did). Sadly I cannot show my H2 stats as those were on another GT back in the day and that GT has been cancelled through Microsoft due to issues I had with them. But on other GT’s I have roughly the same H3 times as I do on this GT and that is saying something.

Sorry I ended up making a TL:DR post in a message, but I hope it helps put me in perspective. If you have other questions about me if you even care lol don’t hesitate to ask."

Here is another post I just made in another thread that I thought was relevant to this one:

“The problems aren’t countless this game is not infinite. On the other hand there are many many problems with this game and as a person who still manages to enjoy it I do not deny there are the bugs you are all describing. I personally; if I say the game is fine, am referring to it being playable for me, and I do not consider myself a casual at all for Halo. I am not saying the game is anywhere flawless either. Those are assumptions you make of people like me putting words into our mouths. I all too well understand the frustrations of having a game that I love and have loved since 2001 shattered by broken promises with a plethora of bugs and issues preventing me from not enjoying it as I remember in the past. When the game first came out it was unplayable MP wise although Campaign which is my favorite part was fully functioning at least for me with the exceptions of broken achievements and a few sound bugs although I am still unsure what you people are referring to when it concerns H3, I have yet to experience those issues you describe, probably just luck. But as luck would have it about 70% of the time I go into MP nowadays I can find matches decently especially solo, and with a success rate of about 50% with other people in my parties and when in parties it can take from 2 min to 15 min, but I am patient and I don’t mind the wait as it is a game (title) I love. There are some days where it seems I cannot find people at all, but those are rarer and depend also on the playlist that I choose, and I sadly think that is less a bug and more a population issue. I do have the occasional bit where if I have played like 10 strait games without issue it will poop out on me and force me to have to restart the game, but that is only a minor delay as I and others are usually able to get back into party together and continue. I am not an apologist which I believe is just as insulting as calling out 343 with death threats, this game is just that a game not like you bought a product that could have potentially been lethal on your lives like buying a broken car. Yes 343i sold us a broken product, and yes they keep failing to keep their word, but heck it is Halo and to a fault I will just be patient and hold out that they will deliver a decent update that will make it workable for the masses. Until then I will keep on keeping on. As for providing video evidence well I will try and put some stuff together when I get a chance solo and with a buddy or two and make a thread or post in ones like this, I have nothing to hide and I have no purpose in lying about something like this. I am sorry some of you have game breaking issues, but I don’t and I am sorry that some of you have the same issues I have and consider them game breaking, but again I don’t.”

Well there you are whether you agree or not with my beliefs above more power to you. I just thought I would bare some flesh about me for you all.