my thoughts on improvement

Halo wants to evolve. Halo 1-3 were nothing more than v.2 and v.3 of it’s predecessor. Now Halo 4 was a horrible step in the wrong direction as an established brand enricheed with lore and seeded with the want of the community, it neglected the franchise’s core gameplay. Kill cams, ordnince drops and custom loadouts hurt the games longevity.

yet, halo 5 is a step in tthe proper direction, albeit a small one. Some of the new mechanics violate the lore and harm the communities attentive desires of gameplay.

I feel like 343 doesn’t play Halo. They are instead, people who prefer fast gameplay. Hence the stubburness with sprint and short ttk with weapons. We can fix it though, thats what this beta is for.

Halo is a tactical based arena shooter that is designed to reward it’s player’s with skill. So my thoughts are as follows;

sprint. It doesn’t belong- at least guns down sprinting doesn’t. It doesn’t fit the playstyle of Halo and rewards player mistakes, and bad players are encouraged to forget about why he died and push into a lose lose situation. I propose guns up sprinting with reduced accuracy. Make the crosshairs sway so that players can fire in persuit but a skilled player can land percision shots, this would reduce the cat mouse style gameplay significantly and still feel befitting of HALO “Combat Evolved”
get rid of the chatter, it’s annoying. In fact it’s ridiculous because it’s not lore. 343 want’s us to feel like war machine’s then give us our own a.i. give us our own version of Cortana. I’m supposed to be a Spartan not a Boyscout with a gun.

Kill cams. Seriously? We went over this with 4. The answer is no. Death cams encourage… competition. Seeing the ongoing action of where we died is superior knowledge compared to how we died.

We are spartans. Innovators of warfare not modern day clones so I have 2 suggeestions.

allow me to highlight opponants to see their shield info instead of waiting for the kill cam that shouldnt be there in the first place. And for godsake listen to your communiity.